Separation and Detection

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Separation and Detection

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Various Sources

Application Notes and Technical Handbooks  new

  • Applications Notes for HPLC, TLC, GC, Biochromatography and Solid Phase Extraction.
  • GC/MS Application Notes Scientific Instrument Services: General technical notes and applications to food, environmental, pharmaceutical analyses 12/02/05
  • Metrohm Application Bulletins -complete index with key to analysis methods. Potentiometry, Karl Fischer Titration, Polarography, Polarized Electrodes, Photometry, Treatment of electrodes, Coulometry, Ion chromatography, Conductometry, Automation; (register to go to a PDF documents)
  •  Hach Learning Library Water: General Analytical Testing and Measurement  Chlorine, Lead and Copper, Nitrogen, pH, general methods (Microbiological Testing, COD and BOD Analysis etc.), Turbidity Testing and Particle Counting and complete Bottled Water Analysis Handbook
  • Varian Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Application Notes


Chemical Test Methods New


Chemical Reactions for Method Development    Go to Top

Reaction Detection and Chemical Derivatisation   

Enzymatic Reactions


  • Organic Chemistry Information (Very well organised and detailed): e.g.Named Reactions (with primary references), Named Reagents, Reaction Rules, Nomenclature, including Physical Organic Terms (A-Z), Classes of Compounds, NMR Databases etc; U of Wisconsin
  •  Classic (named) Organic Reactions  A-Z) Practically always with original author(s) publication (bearing the reaction name) and other primary references

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Guides and Interpretations

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Field Detection and Monitoring

Chemical Sensors and Biosensors

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