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Feature links: African Accreditation Bodies, Accredited Labs

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Current/Recent News

Press Release by ICL, the first accredited laboratory in Ethiopia: International Clinical Laboratories


EU Funds African, Caribbean Water Cleanup, May 17, 2004


Three African Scientists win IOCD Award


National Metrology Laboratory Newsletter, CSIR, South Africa


NEPAD on S&T (see “About NEPAD”> Priority Areas>Science and Technology (PDF files)


Analytical Chemistry in Africa: Inaugural Conference: Southern and Eastern Africa Network of Analytical Chemists (SEANAC), Gaborone, Botswana, 7–10 July 2003; Nelson Torto, in “Chemistry International”


Egypt Finds Oldest Mummy Evidence MSNC


          (NEPAD New Partnership for Africa’s Development)

Free Journals online “ACCESS TO RESEARCH….”  WHO’s Press Release; formation of HINARI|HINARI’s 17 New Publishers  >2000 journals and databases online
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Feature Links

|African Accreditation Bodies, Accredited Testing and Calibration Laboratories|

 Meetings in Africa

9th International Chemistry Conference in Africa, ICCA, 2 – 7  August 2004 Arusha, Tanazania


8th - 11th August 2004 , Arusha, Tanazania

Forthcoming Conferences(Mineral Industry)

Science Events in Africa

ENVIROMIN 2004 , 27 June 1 July 2004, Kasane, Botswana

Test & Measurement Conference,5-8 Sep 04, S. Africa

SEANAC Report (7-10 Jul 03, Botswana) 

Sci. S. Engines/Directo

Science Search Engines/Directories|

Online BookshopsAnalytical Chemistry Books from Standards and Global Trade: A Voice for Africa  World Bank Publication (see its Front matters (PDF 258 KB Free)
Edited by John S. Wilson , Victor O. Abiola
 or purchase online book Standards and Global Trade – PDF 2.2 MB: A Voice for AfricaNetwork Membership

African Network for Analytical Chemistry



Great African Contributors    Go to Contents 

Submit recent news on African Chemistry Celebrities: GUESTBOOK

bullet Professors Berhanu Abegaz & Ermias Dagne (Ethiopians)& Professor John Bradley (South African)Win International Scientific Award The Pierre Crabbé Award was presented to the three African Scientists marking IOCD’s 20th Anniversary

Ahmed H. Zewail  Nobel Prize Laureate 1999, Autobiography; FEMTOLAND The Zewail Group;


Top Ten Innovators, South Africa


Contemporary Africa Database: Natural Science African scientists’ database but with limited information on profiles

African Chemistry and Related Departments   Go to ContentsSubmit your Web site address: GUESTBOOK
Resources for African Chemistry Departments

bullet African Universities and Colleges Best source for the Subject (Rhodes U Chemistry Site)
bullet Chemistry Departments in Africa (Departments, close to 40 Countries): Addresses, Degrees offered, Staff Research Profile and Equipment; African Association of Pure and Applied Chemistry AAPAC
bullet Staff Members of Chemistry Department in African Universities by Specialisation or Interest, AAPAC

South Africa

bullet Chemistry Departments in South Africa, Excellent source, Rhodes U. Site
bullet  South African Academic Links Biochemistry/Biomedical Departments, Associations,Clinical Laboratories
bullet Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering
bullet Chemical Engineering Departments in South Africa
bullet University of Cape Town: BiochemistryChemical Engineering
bullet University of Natal Shcool of Chemical Engineering
bullet Pretoria University Biochemistry, Food Science & Publications, Chemical Engineering Department
bullet Potchefstroom Universtity for Christian Higher Education – Chemical Engineering Department
bullet University of Stellenbosch Biochemistry , School of Chemical Engineering
bullet U of the Witwatersrand (Wits): Biochemistry Chemical Engineering

Other African Countries

bullet Botswana: University of Botswana Chemistry
bullet Egypt: Ain Shams University; Cairo University Chemistry; Mansoura University Chemistry ; Assuit University-Chemistry,  Med Biochemistry, Pharm Analysis)
bullet Ethiopia: Addis Ababa University, or in Faculty of Science newChemical Engineering
bullet Ghana: University of Ghana (Chem., Biochem, Nutrition & Food Science); K. Nukruma U S&T
bullet Kenya: Nairobi University Chemistry, Kenyata Chemistry, Biochemistry,  Moi University:Chemistry
bullet Malawi: University of Malawi Chemistry
bullet MoroccoUniversité Hassan II – Mohammadia Chemistry (or see; Al Akhawayn University Chemistry
bullet Mozambique University Chemistry   
bullet Namibia: University of Namibia Chemistry
bullet Reunion Chemistry, Biochemistry
bullet Swaziland: University of Swaziland Chemistry
bullet Tanzania: University of Dar es Salaam Chemistry
bullet Uganda: University of Makarere  Chemistry
bullet Zambia University of Zambia (Chemistry, Food S&T, Soil)
bullet Zimbabwe University of Zimbabwe Chemistry, Biochemistry

 African Chemical Societies and Networks    Go to Contents   


bullet African Association of Pure and Applied Chemistry covers a database of African Chemistry Departments in Universities and in the Industry sector; has a Newsletter with news reports and a questionnaire to address chemistry-related institutions
bullet AFASSA Africa Asia and South America -Stands for a group that co-ordinates activities of several networks involved in natural products research in the three continents of Africa, Asia and South America
bullet African Oil Chemists’ Society – AFOCS is an international organisation
bullet ANCAP – African Network for the Chemical Analysis of Pesticides
bullet Ethiopian Chemical Society in North America
bullet Ethiopian Society of Chemical Engineers
bullet Food Science and Nutrition Network for Africa, FOSNNA (
bullet NABSA, Network for Analytical and Bio-assay Services in Africa (NABSA) Established to promote Intra-African Cooperation in Chemical Sciences; publishes a Newsletter and has three centers for its services: Departments of Chemistry: Addis Ababa University, University of Botswana, the University of Nairobi
bullet NAPRECA, Natural Products Research Network for Eastern and Central Africa A non-political scientific body devoted to the study, promotion and development of the science of natural products including their chemistry ; one of the most active networks in Africa to promote Natural Products Research. Established in 1984 in Ethiopia, the Network conducts training (exchange of researchers summer schools workshops, workshops, short courses and home-based training), publishes a Newsletter and Monographs, and solicits post-graduate scholarships. The center is now based at the University of Daresaalam
bullet NUSESA -The Network of Users of Scientific Equipment in Eastern and Southern Africa aims to provide a forum of information exchange and discussion on the proper purchase, use, operation, maintenance and related aspects of scientific equipment
bullet SEANAC (PDF)-Southern and Eastern Africa Network of Analytical Chemists, 1st Conference Announcement, 7-10 July 2003
bullet Web Centers and Discussion Forums
bullet The African Network for Analytical Chemistry, ANAC A Yahoo Group network of citizen and non-citizen workers promoting analytical science in the region
bullet Materials Scientists in Africa  A site that links between materials scientists (chemists, physicists, engineers) within Africa, also between Africa and the rest of the World
bullet Web Center for African Chemistry  (Broken link) Virtual Center linking African Chemical Societies in Ethiopia (Chemical Society of Ethiopia), Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania, plus other networks


bullet Address List of African Scientific Societies AAAS, American Association for the Advancement of Science
bullet Chemical Society of Ethiopia: see The Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia
bullet Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association (CAIA) South Africa
bullet Electrochemical Society of South Africa
bullet Oil & Colour Chemists’ Association -South African Division
bullet South African Association of Clinical Biochemists
bullet The South African Association for Mass Spectrometry Division of SACI, its page posts conferences, post doctorals and jobs
bullet The South African Chemical Institute Division of SACI, Obviously the strongest of all the African Chemical Societies in terms of membership and activities
bullet The South African Chromatographic Society Division of SACI; its page posts conferences, post doctorals and jobs
bullet The South African Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
bullet Tanzania Chemical Society

Other Scientific Societies-National/Regional/International     Go to Contents

bullet Address List of African Scientific Societies AAAS, American Association for the Advancement of Science
bullet African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions (ANSTI)
bullet African Technology Forum
bullet Association of Societies for Occupational Safety and Health, ASOSH 11 Associations (see Societies/related link) and 5 Companies; Southern Africa
bullet The Egyptian Society of Crystallography and Applications
bullet The Egyptian Society of Solid State Science and Application
bullet East African Soil Science Society and West and Central African Association of Soil Science
bullet Ethiopian Physical Society
bullet Ethiopian Society of Soil Science
bullet The Network of Users of Scientific Equipment in Eastern and Southern Africa (NUSESA)
bullet Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry of Southern Africa
bullet POSTGRADUATE TRAINING FELLOWSHIPS for Women Scientists (pdf file) from Sub-Saharan Africa and Least Developed Countries
bullet SASPP-South African Society for Plant Protection

The Zimbabwe Scientific Association (Journal)

African Associations in the Diaspora new

bullet Addis Ababa University Global Network Discussion Forum Several Yahoo Groups, including Chemistry
bullet African Scientific Network USA-based

Association for Higher Education and Development, AHEAD an Ethiopian group founded in Canada

Research and Funding     Go to Contents
National/Regional Funding and Research

bullet African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions (ANSTI)
bullet Association of African Universities
bullet African Geological Surveys and Government Departments
bullet African Institute of Biomedical Science and Technology (AiBST)
bullet Agricultural Research Organisations on the Web (AROW) -Africa and Africa Regional International Service for National Agricultural Research (ISNAR 
bullet ISNAR publications on Africa
bullet Country Profiles for Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators (ASTI)  (clickable regional map))

bulletBotswana Technology Centre (BOTEC)bulletChemistry of Salt Lakes Project in UgandabulletCGIARbulletThe Corrosion Institute of Southern AfricabulletCouncil of Scientific and Industrial Research, CSIR Chemicals section

bullet South African Science Councils ” Everyday solutions through science and technology”

bulletEgyptian National Scientific and Technical Research InstitutionsbulletEthiopian Science and Technology Commission funds research and supports Professional Associations: brief profiles of Ethiopian S&T SocietiesbulletFunding for Education and Research National and International Sources in “Science in Africa “bulletInternational Plant Genetic Resources Institute Regional Offices including Sub-Saharan Africa Central & West Asia and North AfricabulletInstitute for Water Research Rhodes University, South Africabullet International Starch Africa  Accra, Ghana; a member of the International Starch GroupbulletKenya National Academy of Sciences (KNAS)bulletMedical Laboratory Technology Related Links (broken link) South AfricabulletMicrobial Resources Centres (MIRCENs) Regional Centers (Dakar, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, , ; Life Sciences, UNESCObulletMauritius Research Council 05/04/04bulletNational Science Foundation NSF, South AfricabulletNEPAD African Forum on Science and Technology for Development (AFSTD)bulletNetwork for Valorization of Plants in Africa,VPMA Links to Descriptions of IDRC-Funded Projects

bullet Nairobi Office

bulletOrganometallic Research Centers Africa (Egypt ………Tunisia), Asia, AustraliabulletScientific & Industrial Research & Development Centre, ZimbabwebulletSouthern African Association of Science and Technology Centres, SAASTECbulletSouth African Institute of Mining and MetallurgybulletSouth African Medical Research Councilbullet South Africa’s Department of Science and Technology (DST) 05/04/04bulletTropical Pesticides Research Institute Arusha, TanzaniabulletUganda National Council of Science and Technologybullet‘Who’s who’ of Science Organisations and Institutes in Africa  in Science in AfricabulletThe University of the Witwatersrand

bullet Research Interest in the Department of Chemistry
bullet Wits Strthe uctural Chemistry Group

bulletZanzibar Institute of Marine Sciences University of Dar es Salaam

International Funding for Research and Education

bullet DAAD – German Academic Exchange Programme
bullet Funding at the Commonwealth Secretariat
bullet Funding for Education and Research National and International Sources in “Science in Africa “
bullet IFS – International Foundation for Science Sweden
bullet IFS Grantees 2002-1997 -Country/Grantee; IFS Research GrantsIFS Donors

bulletIPICS – International Programme in the Chemical Sciences is one of the multifaceted programmes of the International Science Programme (ISP supports low-income countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to strengthen domestic research capacity within the chemical and physical sciences and in mathematics); Uppsala UniversitySweden   

bullet IPICS Africa: Projects
bullet Map of IPICS Projects, Networks and South-south Cooperation

bulletNorth-South Cooperation, Africa,.. University of Oslo’s NUFU Projects with African UniversitiesbulletSIDA – Swedish International Development AssistancebulletUNESCO Offices Cairo    Dakar    Nairobi    Harare    Pretoria   TunisbulletWilhelm Simon Scholarship Germany

Standards and Accreditation    Go to Contents


bullet Front Matters (PDF 258 KB) of Standards and Global Trade: A Voice for Africa  World Bank Publication
bullet ILAC Publications (PDF)  

bulletSADC’s SQAM Contains Standards and/or Metrology Institutions -14 Member Countries of the Southern Africa Development CommunitybulletInternational Organisation for Standardisation ISO A network of national standards institutes from 140 countries;

bullet Members of ISO in which African Bureaus or Authorities are members


bullet African Regional Standards Organisation, ARSO, Members Page, Technical Operations including:

bullet African Regional Accreditation Scheme , ARAS National Metrology Lab South Africa
bullet SADC’s SQAM  Southern Africa Development Community
bullet Standards: Safety, Health and Environment, SHE for SADC Countries Link in ASOSH South Africa

National Standards Bureaus (Alphabetical by country)

bullet National Institute for Standards (NIS), Egypt
bullet Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia
bullet Kenya Bureau of Standards
bullet Malawi Bureau of Standards
bullet Mauritius Bureau of Standards (|
bullet Morocco (MCI), Affiliate member of ILAC
bullet Standards Organisation of Nigeria
bullet Office Rwandais de Normalisation (ORN)
bullet Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization,
bullet Tanzania;Tanzania Bureau of Standards
bullet Tunisia
bullet Uganda
bullet Zimbabwe
bullet Seychelles Bureau of Standards
bullet South Africa

bullet South African Bureau of Standards, SABS
bullet National Laboratory Association of South Africa (NLA) Member of ILAC (stakeholder)

Accreditation Bodies

bullet Egypt

bullet Egyptian Accreditation Council
bullet NLAB:National Laboratories Accreditation Bureau
bullet South African National Laboratory Accreditation System, SANAS Full Member of ILAC; signatory to the ILAC arrangement (PDF)
bullet Tunisia Full Member of ILAC

Accredited Testing and Calibration Laboratories


Ethiopia International Clinical Laboratories ICL  -the first accredited clinical laboratory in Ethiopia


Kenya British American Tobacco- Kenya Limited Nairobi Laboratory Chemical and physical analyses of tobaco and tobacco related products




Agrochemical Quality Analysis -analysis of active ingredient contents of agrochemical formulations:


analysis of active ingredients in formulated products e.g. organsophosphates, organochlorines, pyrethroids, triazines, carbamates, dithiocarbamates and many others


Pesticide Residue Analysis Minimum Residue Limits (MRLs) for pesticides set by the EC Directive 42/200/EC


South African Laboratories (+) Accredited by the African National Laboratory Accreditation System, SANAS, South Africa including the National Metrology Laboratory (NML), CSIR


Uganda -Chemiphar (U) Ltd  Chemical, physico-chemical and microbiological analyses of pharmaceuticals, drugs and cosmetics


Zambia Alfred H Knight Zambia Limited Chemical, Mechanical, Metallurgical Testing


Zimbabwe Antech Laboratory Chemical & Physical Testing: Rock, Sand, Soil and Process Solutions, Kwe Kwe, Zimbabwe


Major African Refereed Chemical Science Journals     Go to Contents
(For other International Journals Go to 
W E B  A   N   A    Y  T   E S )


bullet The Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia A refereed Journal, launched in 1987 and regularly issued in print bi-annually -December and June; Title, Author from 1997 online (and in the last issues Abstracts) (latest issue Vol18 No 1, June 2004 (INASP); Focuses on original research results mainly from African Chemists; distributed freely to paid-up members and to most of the African Chemistry Departments; Abstracted in Chemical Abstracts, Environmental Abstracts and other abstracting services
bullet Full text/graphics articles of the Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia from Volume 11, No 1, June 1997 onwards (current Vol 18 No 1, June 2004 )available full text/graphics articles published only to registered users: Society members and online subscribers; Ingenta

bulletEgyptian Journal of SolidsbulletThe South African Journal of Chemistry  Refereed online and print Journal and current Volume 56, 2003, online abstracts and Free papers (PDF); published by the The South African Chemical InstitutebulletNigerian Journal Of Natural Products And Medicine

Other African Scientific Journals and Publications   Go to Contents

Journals and Links to African Scientific Journals   

bullet African Journal of Science & Technology  Full-text Free
bullet South African Journal of Science 1997-Current, National Science Foundation; Free copies of June 2000 Sp. Issue on HIV/AIDS,
bullet INASP (The International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications); Over 30 Scientific Journals (Agriculture, S&T and Health); Examples:
bullet Afr. J. Food Nutr. Sci. Vol. 1, No. 1, January 2001 (Kenya)
bullet SINET: Ethiopian Journal of Science
bullet Journal of Applied Science in Southern Africa (Volume 3, Numbers 1 and 2, 1997)
bullet Egyptian Journal of Medical Laboratory Sciences

Journals -Bioscience International Links including African Biomedical and Science Journals, e.g

bullet African Crop Science Journal
bullet African Journal of Biotechnology 27/07/3
bullet African Journal of Food and Nutritional Security 27/07/3
bullet  African Journal of Neurological Sciences 27/07/3
bullet Journal of Food Science & and Technology in Africa 27/07/3
bullet Transactions of the Zimbabwe Scientific Association 

Elsevier Science

bullet ChemWeb for Members (Membership Free): Abstracts and Free full-texts for selected journals, e.g.

bullet Journal of African Earth Sciences

Books, Proceedings and Reports

bullet Aide-Mémoire Workshop on Computer-assisted and Combinatorial Chemistry, Abidjan Dec 2002
bullet Cover Crops in West Africa Abstracts and short papers of a Book-includes phytochemical topics; IDRC, Canada
bullet Lost Crops of Africa: Volume I: Grains 23/08/03 (1996) under  Food & Nutrition Category; National Academy Press  (USA)

Online News, Newsletters/Magazines    Go to Contents

News, Meetings, Studentships, Postdoctorals, Policy issues

bullet AAAS: Africa S&T Information and Online Publications
bullet AAPAC Newsletter
bullet ACS Office of International Activities Use Search Box to relate Office Activity with Africa
bullet ACS International Activities Newsletter Inaugural edition (PDF file)
bullet African Environmental Pollution
bullet Africa Mining Intelligence and Africa Energy Intelligence in Africa Intelligence
bullet Africa Mining
bullet – Technology
bullet NAPRECA Newsletter
bullet African Newsletter of Occupational Health and Safety 1996-2002, Includes issues and titles on Chemicals; Publisher:Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
bullet ARSO Bulletins and News


Conferences, Proceedings, Press Releases

bullet Forthcoming Conferences in Southern Africa in minerals and related fields; Mintek (South Africa), A Technology company  in Mineral processing, Extractive metallurgy, and related fields
bullet Events List; South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
bullet 8th International Chemistry Conference in Africa 30 July – 4 Aug 2001 Announcement, linked only to reflect the scope of the conference
bullet Abstracts of Lectures: 8th International Chemistry Conference in Africa Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 73, No. 7, pp. 1033-1227
bullet Proceedings of the ACS US/Africa Worskhop (PDF file) on Environmental Chemistry and Water Quality held in Dakar, Senegal 26-29 July, 2001
bullet UNESCO 31st General Conference; Amendment to the Draft … (PDF file) …”help reinforce the development of capacities in chemistry in Africa”
bullet ACCESS TO RESEARCH” INTERNET INITIATIVE FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES; WHO and Top Publishers scheme for 1,000 of their journals available free or at significantly reduced charges to developing countries’ institutions
bullet News on Ethiopian Sc&Tech Companies
bullet NSF Newsletter; for Conferences see  South African ICSU Secretariat
bullet S C I E N C E  F R O M  T H E  D E V E L O P I N G W O R L D
bullet Science in Africa An (the 1st) African online Science Magazine based in South Africa
bullet The South African Chromatographic Society Posts conferences, post-doctorals and jobs
bullet The Third World Academy of Science, TWAS Science News, Workshops and Meetings with Focus with the Developing World

International/Regional Organisations    Go to Contents
Links to African Chemical Science

bullet AAAS Africa Program
bullet African Academy of Science
bullet Article: Can Science Save Africa? Mohamed H.A. Hassan, President of the African Academy of Sciences originally published on SCIENCE, Vol. 292, 1 June 2001

bulletBasel Convention Regional Centre  for English-speaking African countriesbulletInternational Development Research Centre IDRC, Has Offices in CairoDakarNairobibulletThe Third World Academy of Science  TWASbulletIOCD (International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development) on capacity building in Developing Countries


bullet see Regional gateway Sub-Saharan Africa  under a new website (Dec 2001) sponsored by Nature andScience in cooperation with TWAS; offers a Southern perspective on S&T

IUPAC Publications

bullet IUPAC South African Mirror Site including Chemistry International
bullet Chemistry in Africa Chemistry International, Issues 1998 (Vol 19)-2001(Vol 22)
bullet IUPAC-AAPAC Joint Meeting

UN Bodies for Africa

bullet African Index Medicus  Health information published in or related to Africa aimed to encourage local publishing
bullet FAO Africa Regional and Sub-regional Offices
bullet UNEP Chemicals Activities in Africa; Headquarters
bullet UNEP Regional Office for Africa UNEP
bullet United Nations Programmes for Africa
bullet UN Office for Control of Drugs and Crime Prevention African International Offices

African Intellectual Property (Patent) and Industrial Property Offices  new: 19/04/04

bullet African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO)
bullet Algerian Patent Office
bullet Algerian Patent and Trademark Database

bulletCongolese Patent Office Antenne Nationale de la Propriété IndustriellebulletEgyptian Patent OfficebulletIntellectual Property Department of the Nigerian Ministry of CommercebulletKenya Industrial Property Office -KIPObulletMoroccan Patent OfficebulletSouth African Patent Register (password needed) Welcome to the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office of South Africa 
bulletGlobal Link

bullet World Industrial Property Organisation

Investment and Industrial Promotion  

bullet AAITPC – Asia Africa Investment & Technology Promotion Centre

bullet Investment Promotion Agencies in Africa
bullet Investment Climate Information in Africa
bullet UNIDO-Africa Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) Network

NGOs and Development

bullet African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS)  An international inter-governmental policy research and training organization located in Nairobi
bullet WaterAid in Africa Country Information and Case Studies of 9 African countries (under Where We Work) relating to clean water supply

African Manufacturers/Distributors/Software     Go to Contents
Submit your company site address via 

bullet Active Mining Companies list >700, 25 pages ; see the Overview  page drop-down menu for more specific information use ; Mbendi Information Africa
bullet Africa Product Digest, Incorporating the Gulf, A-Z with search option, e.g. key word: chemical,  Reed Business Information South Africa (Pty) Ltd
bullet Mbendi Information for Africa Search facility with steps: e.g. Type Chemical  select Company , select Chemical Industry (or any sector), select Type of Organisation, select Africa or (a country), and click Search
bullet e.g. Shell Chemical Company of East Africa Ltd East Africa (Kenya): search result from company database ofMbendi Information for Africa
bullet e.g.  Oil and Gas Refineries in Africa Select Companies under Databases drop-down menu: Search Results


bullet Major Companies in Ethiopia Directory of Importers and Exporters, including Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals;Ethiopian Exports Promotion Agency, EEPA
bullet Importers and Exporters in Ethiopia Arranged by products including chemicals/related;
bullet Pharmacure PLC  A 100 million dollar pharmaceutical manufacturing believed to cover pharmaceuticals supply for the region, (Phase I completed)

South Africa

bullet Databases

bullet Chemical Companies in South Africa
bullet South Africa’s Top Exporters Chemical Category A-Z; see also other Categories including Agri- culture and Food; Reed Business Information (Pty) Ltd
bullet AECI Limited Manufactures -diverse range of chemical products
bullet Arkem Manufacturers -dispersants, deflocculatants, wetting agents, surfactants, and others
bullet Boehringer-ingelheim
bullet Chemfit – Distributor -imported industrial and speciality chemicals and exporter organic chemicals
bullet Dow in Africa  Egypt, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa 
Edusoft Software and Video tapes for Chemistry and other Science fields
bullet Gold Reef Speciality Chemicals – Supplier -speciality chemicals to the paint, adhesive, textile and various other industries
bullet LOGICHEM PROCESS Process Engineering company, involved in the design, construction and optimisation of process plants.
bullet Merck South Africa Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Laboratory Supplies, Specialty Chemicals
bullet Mintek   A Mining Technology company
bullet Pharmacare
bullet Revertex Manufactures and markets the Emultex range of polyvinyl acetate emulsions
bullet Serina Kaolin  Kaolin supplier water-washed kaolin (china clay) in Southern Africa

bullet Applications paperceramicspaintrubberadhesivespesticidessoap barssoap powders, orpharmaceuticals and cosmetics
bullet Sasol Polymers Producer of monomers, polymers, chlor-alkali chemicals and mining reagents
bullet Synthelabo South Africa (Pty) Ltd. – Medicicinal products, for the central nervous system, cardiovascular, and internal
bullet Synthon Analytical Test Kits, Speciality Fine Chemicals

African Studies    Go to Contents

Chemistry in Africa: History

bullet Ancient Egyptian Science new
bullet The Art of Ancient Egyptian Perfumery… in the Heart of Dove Medicine Lodge; Raed Rady -Coptic Egyptian from Luxor, Egypt
bullet Chemistry: A History presents Egypt’s role in Early Chemical Arts
bullet Origin of Coffee  (and Coffee Chemistry)
bullet Jamaican Coffee

bulletIslamic Alchemy in the context of Islamic Science a section in The Alchemy Website and Virtual LibrarybulletEarliest Egyptian Chemical Manuscripts and Ancient Egyptian SciencebulletEgyptian Mummies in Ancient Egypt; Gander Academy, CanadabulletHistorical Overview of the South African Chemical Industry: 1896 – 1998 IUPAC’s South African Mirror SitebulletPillars of Plant Pathology Contributions from South African Scientists including a chemist; SASPP-South African Society for Plant ProtectionbulletPRECOLONIAL METALWORKING IN AFRICA : A BIBLIOGRAPHYnew


bullet AfricaEducation 

bullet Research Reports in Africa and Who’s Who in Education and Development in Africa
bullet African Earth Science Societies, Associations and NGO’s
bullet African Indigenous Science and Knowledge Systems
bullet African Studies Quarterly: Journal of African Studies, Full Text
bullet African Internet Collaborations
bullet Center for African Studies University of Florida
bullet Electronic Journal of Biotechnology Article

bullet IDRC REPORTS S&T in Developing Countries
bullet Links on African Studies around the World
bullet The African Digital Library requires registration free of charge and residence in Africa for the use of digital publications
bullet Medicinal Plant Use in Africa in ” People and Plants Online”

  Search Engines, Directories, Resources    Go to Contents

Search Engines and Directories

bullet Directories: Science and EnvironmentColleges & Univeristies by Country or from list
bullet AfricaOnline Science and Technology Directory (Mauritius Limited)
bullet Category Science
bullet Ananazi A South African Search Engine for SA Web, SA Site Directory, Within Results and International  South Africa; Directories include

bullet Science & Environment > Science > Scientific Organisations
bullet Ans, Science and Environment
bullet Chemistry Department Links Excellent South African and International sites; Rhodes University
bullet Search Africa
bullet Directory of Sustainable Development Information Providers in Africa: Includes brief profiles S&T Societies
bullet  Africa Science and Environment  directory
bullet Google: Africa Directory >Science and Environment
bullet ilectric.COM Africa > Science and Environment  
bullet  Africa > Science and Environment
bullet Mbendi Information for Africa Africa’s leading business website with comprehensive DATABASES, regional or country profile and business and industry information
bullet OPEN Directory Project  Africa: Science and Environment
bullet Science & Scientists, Africa Guide with a Directory for Sub-Saharan Africa by Country, Subject with a search facility for Africa pages; Stanford University
bullet The South African Chromatographic Society Division of SACI; meetings in South Africa
bullet Yahoo-Chemistry

Other Resources

bullet Chemistry Clinic Teachers’ Resources; Wits U. School of Chemistry, South Africa; A free email-based Educational Consultancy Service

Searchable Chemical Literature     Go to Contents

(Databases from which Scholars may search African Scientific Works)

Analytical Chemistry Journals


W  E  B    A    N   A   L    Y    T    E  S 



Special Programme For access to over 1000 Biomedical Journals for about 70 Developing Countries
Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative; see  Press Release WHO/07 31 January 2002


Follow-up:  HINARI  welcomes 17  New Publishers  More than 2000 Journals… online


Brief  “Journal abstracts are available to all users, without registration. Registered HINARI users have full-text access to journals. Non-HINARI users may still have full-text access through this menu, if their institutions subscribe to the journals”. Health InterNetwork Access is a programme of WHO,  Blackwell, Elsevier Science, the Harcourt Worldwide STM Group, Wolters Kluwer International Health & Science, Springer Verlag and John Wiley
Link to HINARI’s  Scientific Journals 

Chemistry Journals and other Literature Databases


bullet Annual Review (1993-1999): Abstracts Database  18 Categories in Chemistry and related fields; The Japanese National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research
bullet ChemConnect Journals links A-Z; Acesss to each journal/publisher/database  to see details
bullet ChemClub Click Free Pubs for free online publications from
bullet e.g. Elsevier Journals
bullet HIGHWIRE: Library of the Sciences and Medicine Free Trials, Free Journals, Free back issues and Pay-per-view; Has three options: Search, Browse articles, Browse HighWire-based Journals ; If an article is cited by other articles, the citing articles may be linked to it as full text;  Stanford University
bullet Free Medical Journals A-Z links of Free full-text Medical/related Journals, Bulletins and Newsletters
bullet HAIR DRUG TESTING BIBLIOGRAPHY (2000 to pre-1980); Arthur McBay
bullet Ideal  Links to online Basic and Applied Science Journals from
bullet [Academic Press][Churchill Livingstone][W.B. Saunders][Baillière Tindall][[Mosby]
bullet Abstract Free; Free Sample Journal  issue  with full text for each Journal title in all areas ranging from Mathematics to Medicine
bullet PubScience (Free WWW search service for resarch literature by key word) Developed by the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) to facilitate searching and accessing peer reviewed journal literature in the physical sciences and other energy-related disciplines, see: about
bullet STN on the Web Free Search Preview has search options that result in number of citations on a S&T subject in the selected database group or cluster of  S&T literature (e.g. chemistry, toxicology); useful prior to starting R&D literature research for writing a project proposal, report or doing practical research. STN on the Web is of one the services of STN International which has more than 200 searchable commercial S&T databases
bullet STN Easy Has free search options (e.g. author, key word, exact title etc.) leading to a number of citations per database plus one displayable link; another service of STN International  limited to 75 online S&T databases
bullet TOXNET (Abstracts of Research and other Literature) US National Library of Medicine
bullet HSDB (Hazardous Substances Data Bank) for potentially hazardous chemicals (including Laboratory Methods) with facts and references of peer-reviewed literature; Search by chemical name, CA Reg No. e.g. Search Hydrogen cyanide; refined search by selecting CUSTOM SEARCH
bullet PubMed search database (author, search word(s), CA Reg No) for abstracts of research literature in the biomedical field;  provides access to over 11 million citations from MEDLINE and additional life science journals
bullet Toxline Very powerful toxicology database of the US National Library of Medicine; submits clickable list of links to abstracts and a list of related links including analytical methods/ decontamination/ detoxification for bio- and food toxins and toxics in general ; e.g. try one of the several search results for cassava, defluoridation as key words

Journal Publishers

bullet Academic Press
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bullet Marcel Dekker List Print/Online Journals
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bullet Wiley InterScience Chemistry/related Journals Facilities on the page (i) select Journal/view available online/select titles/view abstracts (limit to non subscribers); (ii) Icons link Search page by author/key word; Online Free Sample Copy and Personal Home Page if registered
bullet Wiley VCH Chemistry/related Journals

African Natural Products   Go to Contents

Plants and Plant Natural Products (literature, qualitative and quantitative data)


bullet Ariti Herbal Products (www.aritiherbal.comnew A natural products commercial site whose company is based in Addis Ababa
bullet Gernot Katzer’s Spice Pages This interesting site by the author, whose hobby relates to exotic spices, can be used as reference to spices whose Origin could be Africa (refer to Africa, to the knowledge of the Author) or spices cultivated, known or used in African dishes; It is a reference information about spice plants, their history, constituents, origin,  etymology, and usage
bullet Chemicals in Coffee: Coffea arabica L. (Rubiaceae) with references; A unique database (1) lists chemicals (in ppm levels) found in a plant, e.g. in coffea arabica, linked -to biological activities and to plants in which the chemical is also found in highest amounts e.g.  tea, Camellia sinensis (L.) KUNTZE (Theaceae)  (best example chemical:caffeine); ; (2) Clicking the plant name in the link e.g. above, tea, in turn gives the chemicals in Tea with References; see Dr. Duke’s Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases for other categories
bullet Essential Oils
bullet Essential Oils Database About 100 essential oils mainly of African origin, ICS-UNIDO databases
Essential Oils (imported) from Africa A-Z  Extensive e-shopping list in Africa’s Garden

bulletCrop Index (A-Z) with a search facility; Perdue UniversitybulletMedicinal Plant Use in Africa A survey article in People and Plants Online Newsletter Africa Regional Programme BulletinseebulletMedicinal Plants of South Africa  A web site that covers partial information contained in the book “Medicinal Plants of South AfricabulletDictionary of Plants, A-Z index or search plants (also searches Dictionary of Animals) known to grow/originate from Africa; key words “African”, “Africa” or country name (Kenya);bulletCONSERVATION, MANAGEMENT AND UTILISATION OF PLANT GUMS, RESINS AND ESSENTIAL OILS Prcoceedings 1997bulletOut of Africa: A Database of 7,000 Useful Plants in The Scientist Vol 16 | Issue 23 | November 25, 2002 (freeregistration required) “Researchers launch campaign to update inventories of tropical species”bulletPlants and Products “You cannot live without plants”; Plant & Environmental Sciences (APES) – University of WitsbulletPoisonous Plant Database Bibliographic information (1907 – 1996) on animal and human toxicology of vascular plants of the world, alphabetically by author, and Vascular Plant List; US FDAbulletPLANT RESOURCES OF TROPICAL AFRICA plants of the World Indices of Botanical and Common Names; from A-Z list of over 4200 plants with literature referencesbulletWayne’s Word Index of Topics  or see Economically Important Plant FamiliesWayne’s Word: A Newsletter of Natual History Trivia; This should be an exciting site for the natural product chemist. The Index can be easily used to identify plants cultivated in Africa, or whose origin is known to be Africa

Toxin-containing Plants and Foods

bullet Resources

bullet Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System Includes plants species that can be cultivated or grown in Africa
bullet Cornell University poison plant home page
bullet Crop Index; Perdue University
bullet Cassava

bullet Cassava Cyanide Diseases Network (CCDN)
bullet Cassava Research in the Sayre Lab Cassava: Biology, Production and Utilization Online 15-chapter book (PDF), Full Text Free; includes “Cassava in Africa”; International Center for Tropical Agriculture
bullet Cassava: A Gluco-cyanide die-it food see Index of Articles
bullet Gluco-cyanide ArticlesInternational Workshop on Cassava Safety  Abstracts, Ibadan, Nigeria,1994;International Society for Horticultural Science
bullet Cassava & Taro: Subterranean Vegetables Vegetables From Underground in Wayne’s Word

Castor Bean


Castor Bean Plant Ricinus communis and Poisoning, and Mechanism of Poisoning Castor bean is reflected to be native to tropical Africa


Ricin: A Deadly Protein a brief description of the deadly lectin (a protein) in Castor Bean in Wayne’s Word Index


Lathyrus Sativus


The Grass pea (Lathyrus sativus)


Lathyrus Lathyrism Newsletter on Grass Pea (Lathyrus Sativus) and its toxic component beta-ODAP, a neurotoxin amino acidis a legume cultivated and consumed in Ethiopia and the Indian Sub-continent; CLIMA – Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture; University of Western Australia


Lathyrus sativus in  Crop Index; Perdue University


Catha edulis


Catha edulis Forssk (Abyssinian tea)


Chemistry of Khat (Khat Adulis, a stimulant plantis grown in the Horn of Africa)

Minerals and Soils    Go to Contents


Geology of Ethiopia -including minerals


Minerals from Africa


Minerals by Chemical Composition Search by country for mineral data e.g. Namibia, South Africa, to check African mineral data which will include Locality. See the other options: Periodic Table linked to mineral data; A-Z Index.Home: Mineralogy DatabaseOther Links

Food and Nutrition     Go to Contents


bullet W E B  A   N   A    Y  T   E S  Food Chemistry(Food Chemistry education……..Food additives) AND Food-related SHE
bullet Model Food Law (PDF); FAO/WHO

On Africa

bullet The National Food Consumption Survey (NFCS) Children aged 1-9 years, South Africa, 1999: A 10-Chapter Technical report
bullet Food Composition Database of South Africa National Research Foundation
bullet Food and Agriculture Database for Eastern Africa FAO
bullet International Food Composition Tables Directory including sources for Africa; Infoods, FAO (updated link 10/02/03)

Health, Safety, Environment    Go to Contents


Malaria, History, Diagnosis, Prophylaxis, Treatment, Links- with a Tutorial -Test and Teach




 Groundwater Quality Information Country Specific (4 in Africa), and environmental information on arsenic, iodine and flourine as risks to health  (PDF); WaterAid


Dental and Skeletal Fluorosis


Overview, UNICEF


The History of Fluorine, Fluoride and Fluoridation


Fluoride in Drinking Water WHO 28/06/03

bullet Fluoride (Water Quality Fact Sheet:) (PDF files) Summary of Fluoride removal methods; WaterAid and British Geological Survey (broken link)

Cases and Statistics, Reports


Groundwater Quality: Ethiopia WaterAid Ethiopia


Ethiopia 3rd International workshop on fluorosis and Defluoridation of WaterPresentations/Abstracts;Thailand, 20-24 Nov ’00


Kenya I Niger


Dental Fluorosis


Scientific literature links


HIDDEN SOURCES OF FLUORIDE – contributing to Dental Fluorosis


Fluoride Action Network (  is a collective, international volunteer effort to alert Fluoridation risks posed to humans and the environment with a long term aim: to end fluoridation of public water supplies and minimise involuntary exposure 


Research Deluoridation and Test kits Intercountry Centre for Oral Health


EPA Method 13 B I Experiment


Fluoride Vol 1- Current (1968-Current), 1998 Index; Journal of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR FLUORIDE RESEARCH

Regulations and Prohibitions    Go to Contents



Anti-doping FoIOC Prohibited List of Substances and Prohibited Methods (PDF file) with Urinary concentrationsabove which IOC Accredited Labs must report findings; WADA, World Anti-doping Agency


Controlled Substances Lists: Yellow = Drugs, Red = Drug Manufacture , Green = Psychotropic substances (PDF files); INCB (International Narcotics Control Board)


Drug list (437 pp) or search preparation: see Status (permitted?),  prohibitionwarning in list of drugs -list for Sport in South Africa based on local information edited 14/02/03


Drugs of Abuse and Testing see   Prohibited …Substances in   W E B  A   N   A    Y  T   E S

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