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Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Fluka & Riedel deHaen Analytical Varian, Inc


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Research & Development Companies -whose useful resources this site cites

Agilent Technologies Inorganic Ventures SPEX CertiPrep -CRMs
ANSYS Technologies The Good Scents Company Pierce Biotechnology
BBC LABORATORIES Grace Vydac Synthegen
Bioanalytical Systems, BAS Merck Thermo Orion
Biochrom Ltd Metrohm Thin Film Analysis, Inc
R-Biopharm GmbH MICROANALYTICS VWR International
Calzyme Laboratories Molecular Probes  Varian, Inc
Cole-Parmer Roche Applied Science Waters
FIAlab Instruments Sigma-Aldrich Weiss Research
Fluka & Riedel deHaen Spectrum Laboratories Worthington Biochemical

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  • MetaXChem( Chemistry Meta Search Engine; searches chemicals from online catalogues of suppliers and databases
  •  Chemical Directory (CCD) Free Search>100,000 Chemicals from international suppliers. Search by molecular formulas, IUPAC names, common names, CAS numbers, catalogue numbers, substructures or physical characteristics,  e.g. sucrose, tantalum, calcium; Results in : structures, Bp, Mp, density, CA RN, FW, supplier(s)

  • ChemIndustry.comThe top search engine in the field
  • Search engine of chemical catalogues; search chemical suppliers by chemical name, synonym, catalog number, CAS number, molecular formula or application area; also perform structure search