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Hazardous Chemicals Databases

  • Chemical and Other Safety Information Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford University
  • Periodic Table of Elements for Hazardous Properties: Click Elements symbol;
  • The Chemical Database Search database for almost 12,000 hazardous chemicals that results in formula and registry numbers (CAS, DOT, RTECS and EPA properties, Classification, Health and Safety from the databases the site cites sources (below); University of Akron
    • 2000 Emergency Response Guidebook ERG2000, 2000.
    • Hazardous Chemicals Data NFPA 49, PC-49-94, 1994.
    • U.S.C.G CHRIS database.
    • U.S. EPA Cameo database.
    • NIOSH/OSHA exposure limit data.
    • Manufacuturer/supplier MSDS sheets

Sampling,  Labeling  & Analyses

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Material Safety Data Sheets    

Chemical Protection

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TOXNET Databases (Research abstracts and other SHE databases of the US National Library of Medicine)

  • Search all TOXNET Databases Gives number of research results of existing 10 databases from which one chooses to visit and refer to; this includes:
    • ChemIDplus The most comprehensive of all; Example search result for Aspirin
    • HSDB Hazardous Substances Data Bank on toxicology of potentially hazardous chemicals (including Laboratory Methods) with facts and references of peer-reviewed literature; Search by chemical name, CA Reg No. e.g. Hydrogen cyanide and click search; refined search -use CUSTOM SEARCH
    • Toxline Search database with results leading to publication abstracts relating to detection, decontamination, antidotes and protection against natural toxins and toxic chemicals plus a list of related links to the article
    • PubMed  Database for the biomedical field; searched articles by key word (e.g. chemical name), title, or author  lead to published abstracts (plus related articles for each)

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Aquatic Chemistry of Natural Waters

Methods for Water Analysis

Water Contaminants and Wastewater Treatment

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 Nomenclature, Clasification

Pesticide Residues and other Databases

Pesticide Assays