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Nomenclature – Basics & Databases

  • IUPAC Nomenclature External window

CAS and EINECS Numbers  (Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number; EINECS -European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substance)

HS -Harmonized System Commodity Classifications  

SIC- Standard Industrial Classifications  

Specialist Codes  (Classifications by  substance or product)

  • Enzymes A well structured database  based on the classification of EC Nomenclature (EC 1 – EC 6)
  • Food additives Approved in the EU; by name and E numbers with useful links

Substance Classification/Properties Resources

  • MetaXChem( Chemistry Meta Search Engine; searches chemicals from online catalogues of suppliers and databases
  • ChemIDplus A database of about 370,000 chemical records with 200,000 structures with locator links to allow immediate searching of several other databases for information about a given chemical
  • ChemFinder Substance search database; Search options or Results include CAS Registry Number
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAHs) Structure Index,  Structures and nomenclature of 660 common (and not so common) PAHs: allows users to browse/search to display name(s), Chemical Structures, CAS Registry numbers, Molecular Weights, and Molecular Descriptors; NIST Special Publication 922

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 Pest Control and Pesticides

  • Compendium of Pesticide Common Names Believed to be the only place where all of the ISO approved names are listed
  • Chemical Ingredients Database Search by name of pesticide e.g. malathion, or its CAS Reg Number 121-75-5 
    • Results may include: Scientific name, CAS Number Common names, Trade names, classifications; US EPA/OPP
  • Pherolist Compound Index   Pheromones (insect attractants) database -chemical components identified in sex glands of female Lepidoptera insects and other chemicals attractive to male moths; Pherolist home page  for details

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  • Surfactants Virtual Library: Applications Describes home products: Soaps, Detergents and Consumer Products – Laundry Detergent – Shampoo – Cosmetics – Sun Care, as well as applications in the medical, environmental and mineral industries 

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General Sources

  • Consumer Chemistry Covers:

    • Food additives |Soaps & detergents |Household cleaners|Photochemistry |Cooking with chemistry |Toothpaste|Petroleum|Plastics|Plastics recycling|Batteries |Cosmetics | Salinity | Acid rain|Rust | Fertilisers |Glass |Glues

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